Growth-Focused Dashboard

Complex Analysis - Simple Setup

Answers your questions:

are you succeeding?
what should you do?
can you raise money?

Easy to Use

3-Step Integration

Easy 3-step integration automatically ingests your data and tailors the dashboards and analysis to your company

Immediate Understanding

Growth Focused

Dashboard is specifically built for Growth-Startups, so you receive exactly the metrics and graphs that you need to focus on

Faster Fundraising

Investment Analysis

We analyse your company exactly as a VC would do. So you can understand what looks great, where you need to focus, and if you can raise

3-Step Integration

  1. Register Company
  2. Enter API key(s)
  3. Customise Dashboard

Implementation is quick, easy, and free of code or technical requirements. There's no need for data scientists, business analysts, or developers to get involved

Integration is a simple 3-step process of registering, connecting data via API key or upload, then customizing the analysis you want to see on your dashboard

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Growth Focused

Designed and developed specifically for Growth-Startups

Achieving Product-Market Fit is incredibly important for a Startup that wants to scale, but it is often difficult to judge or evaluate without significant experience

Our algorithms use Brian Balfour's churn analysis method to analyse product usage, estimate churn over time by Customer cohorts, and thereby give a quantitative measure of Product-Market Fit

Product-Market Fit is cohorted, so you can identify which Users have the highest PMF

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Investment Analysis

CAC and LTV determine if your Startup can scale effectively or not

The ratio of Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) to Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) is important in determining if a Startup should be blitzscaling, or if it needs to work on product, retention, support or other factors

We calculate CAC using the Sales Waterfall technique, whilst LTV is calculated using both the LTV Equation and the Cumulative Revenue Retention method

Clear, cohorted analysis of your CAC and LTV indicate where to focus Sales efforts

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How It Works

Algorithms ingest your raw data via upload or API connection, and automatically generate a detailed Due Diligence report
  • Connect
    Connect data
    via API
  • Merge
    Data seamlessely
  • Analyse
    Algorithms analyse
    the data
  • Report
    Clear diligence
    and insights


Connect data by upload or API


Data seamlessely merged


Algorithms analyse the data


Clear diligence and insights


Founders pitch me, but they don't know what data to present, how to present it, or what it means. It's really frustrating

Ameet Shah, Partner, Golden Ventures has fundamentally changed how we work with startups. We now understand their needs, their challenges, and how we can best help them

Sen Sachi, Director, DMZ Accelerator Program

Recruitment is now a smooth and simple process for everyone involved - by the time we meet applicant companies we already know how they're doing, what we can help with, and where they're going to

Rob Macken, Startup Recruitment, Ryerson DMZ

What We Analyse

Growth Reporting

Where to focus, how to focus and who to focus your growth efforts on

Product Market Fit

Quantitative measure of Product-Market-Fit, over time, and versus comparable companies


Where, when and why Users are churning

Ideal Customer

Who to sell to, when to sell to them and how


Automatic calculation of Customer Acquisition Cost and Customer Lifetime Value

Revenue Churn

When and why Revenue is churning

Automated Cohorting

Automatic classification of Users into key cohorts

Sales Optimisation

Analysis and Optimisation of your Sales Funnel and Sales operations

Cohort Analysis

Identification of better or worse Cohorts to focus upon


Diligence Report

  • One-time diligence snapshot
  • Identical to VC analysis
  • Highlight strengths & weaknesses
  • See example


$99 / mth
  • Live data analysis
  • Automated data ingestion
  • Identical to VC analysis
  • Unlimited seats
  • Chat & Email Support



Enquire for Pricing

  • Operations improvements
  • Data analysis
  • Custom implementations
  • Fundraising assistance
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