Close your round in 60 days

Get in front of the top VCs - ready, prepared and confident.

Imagine if...

  • Pitching VCs feels calm and natural
  • Numbers and metrics are at your fingertips, ready to impress
  • Your deck flows naturally from intriguing to impressing
  • The right VCs are lined up to hear from you

Fundraising Packages


Basic fundraising preparation
  • Pitch deck review
  • Core metrics analysed
  • Financial model review
  • VC recommendations
  • Data room preparation
  • Practise pitch and feedback


In-depth fundraise review
  • Pitch deck review
  • Core metrics analysed
  • Financial model review
  • VC introductions
  • Data room preparation
  • Practise pitch and feedback


Embedded consulting
  • Dedicated time
  • Deep fundraising opportunity review
  • Bespoke financial model creation
  • Detailed metrics calculations
  • Contract and document review
  • Operations analysis and consulting


Fundraising Consulting

This is 60 minutes dedicated to your needs. Perfect for discussing:
  • High-level fundraising strategy
  • Ideal milestones and metrics
  • VC hitlist and intro methods
  • Current valuation trends
  • Ideal funding or investment vehicle(s) to use
$250per hour

Pitch Deck Review

A full and thorough review of your pitch deck, story, metrics and traction, including:
  • Pitch deck teardown
  • Analysis of your Startup and fundability
  • Key metrics and visualizations to include
  • Written feedback
$500per review

Practise Pitch

Pitching VCs is uniquely challenging and stressful. Our pitch coaching recreats this by putting you through a full mock VC pitch:
  • 1 hour practise pitch session
  • VC questions and objections
  • Written feedback and improvement points
  • 30 minute review session
$600per pitch


CEO & Founder

Phillip Gales

Phillip is a serial tech entrepreneur who specialises in Operations, Data and Metrics at early growth stage Startups.

He has founded and grown numerous Startups in the data, analytics and operations spaces, has an MEng in Machine Learning from the University of Cambridge, an MBA from Harvard Business School, and is a Y-Combinator alum.

Phillip has raised over $80mln for his own companies, has mentored over 300 Founders in various Accelerators, and has helped 21 Startups raise over $60mln via inate