Know Your Fundability

inate automatically calculates your VC metrics, benchmarks you, and tells you how fundable you'd be with our network of VCs

See How Well You're Doing

Automated calculation and benchmarking of fundraising metrics
  • Automatically calculates your VC metrics
  • Benchmark you versus your peers
  • Highlight what makes you stand out for your fundraise
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Know your Market Potential

Understand how fundable your Startup is in the current market.
  • VC Fundability score shows how attractive your Startups is to VCs
  • Indicates your potential for fundraising today
  • Helps you find the best timing for your fundraise
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VC Introductions

Each month we'll select the top 10% of Startups and help them connect with VCs in our network for free

Automated Metrics

Connect your Stripe, Quickbooks or other data sources and we'll automatically calculate your VC fundraising metrics.


Peer Benchmarking

We'll anonymously benchmark you versus your peers, so you know how well you're doing and what to improve.


VC Intros

Every month we'll select the top benchmarked Startups and introduce them to VCs in our network

We do this because participating VCs are looking for the very best, and we use our benchmarking to find the best Startups. Don't worry if you're not in the top 10%! We'll help you understand what to improve.

Core VC Metrics Calculated

We'll connect to your data and calculate your fundraising metrics


Customer Acquisition Cost, marketing and sales funnel metrics.


Customer Lifetime Value calculated via cohorted revenue recognition and LTV formula.


Automatically cohorted User and Revenue Churn rates.

Burn Rate

Cashflow modelling direct from your bank account.


Automatically cohorted Revenue and User Growth rates.

Quick Ratios

Quick Ratios illustrating sustainability of growth.


Direct cash-out date modelling based upon live bank account data.

Revenue Expansion

Automatically cohorted revenue expansion, contraction and cohorting.

Product-Market Fit

Quantified PMF via retention curve analysis.

Early Stage

  • Core Metrics
  • VC Recommendations
  • Lender Network
  • VC Fundability
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Benchmarking vs Peers


Most Popular
  • Core Metrics
  • VC Recommendations
  • Lender Network
  • VC Fundability
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Benchmarking vs Peers

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