Cashflow Clarity

Connect your bank account to clearly see your Startup's spend and burn

Automatic Classification

Connect your bank account, and clearly see exactly where and when money has gone
  • Automated classification of income and expenses
  • Clear categorisation over time
  • Quickly see when money is coming in and where it is going
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Simple Expense Review

Spend 5 minutes reviewing spend, not hours!
  • Quickly see where you're spending money
  • Dive into categories to see sub-classifications
  • Get on top of your spend with zero effort
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1-Click Cashflow Model

Clearly visualize your burn, runway and cash out
  • See exactly how your startup is burning money
  • Secure 1-Click connection
  • Clear visualization of your runway and burn
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Core Cashflow Metrics Calculated

Connect your bank via secure connection and we'll calculate your main metrics

Burn Rate

Cashflow modelling direct from your bank account.


Direct cash-out date modelling based upon live bank account data.

Cash Out Date

Burn extrapolation helps determine if or when you run out of cash

More than just Cashflow

Connect your payment processor to see all your VC metrics in one place


Automatically cohorted Revenue and User Growth rates.


Automatically cohorted User and Revenue Churn rates.

Quick Ratios

Quick Ratios illustrating sustainability of growth.


Customer Lifetime Value calculated via cohorted revenue recognition and LTV formula.

Revenue Expansion

Automatically cohorted revenue expansion, contraction and cohorting.

Product-Market Fit

Quantified PMF via retention curve analysis.

Early Stage

  • Core Metrics
  • VC Recommendations
  • Lender Network
  • VC Fundability
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Benchmarking vs Peers


Most Popular
  • Core Metrics
  • VC Recommendations
  • Lender Network
  • VC Fundability
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Benchmarking vs Peers

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