Value-Add Fundraising

Get your Startup clients in front of the right VCs

Automated Startup Fundraising

AI Startup analysis, due diligence, funding recommendations and VC introductions

inate automatically analyses startups from their raw data, calculates their metrics, recommends a capital stack, and helps you connect them with the right VCs, Investors and Angels

How it Works

VC introductions based upon automated analysis of your clients

Connect Data

Startups connect their user, revenue and growth data from common tools in 1-click



Automated analysis generates a VC Due Diligence Report to speed up fundraising


VC Intros

Startups match with their ideal VCs and Investors, and connect over their VC Due Diligence Report

Strategic Guidance

Give your Clients expert insights and guidance

inate allows you to give expert advice during your Client's fundraise.

We calculate the Startup's fundability from their core metrics, so you can guide them to the right VCs, Investors and Lenders.

Analysis is simple:

  1. 1-Click data connection from common tools
  2. VC metrics automatically calculated
  3. inate highlights how prepared the Startup is for fundraising

Bespoke Financing

Custom capital recommendations based upon business and stage

VC Introductions

Get your Clients in front of the right VCs
  • "VC Match" recommends the ideal VC based upon the Startup's business, stage and metrics
  • Access our network of over 1000 VCs, or add your own connections
  • Clients receive personalised intros via your network or ours

AI Investment Bank

inate is a full-service Investment Bank for Startups

Automated Analysis.

Startups connect their data in 1-click via API and our AI does the rest. We calculate their fundraising metrics, benchmark them, and generate a "Magic 8-Ball" due diligence report.

Capital Stack.

We generate a bespoke financing plan based upon the Startup's metrics, stage and progress. Typically this comprises venture capital, venture debt, digital lending and/or loans.

Investor Introductions.

Startups can request personalized introductions to our network of over 1000 participating VCs, startup banks, digital lenders, Accelerators and Incubators.