Maximize your impact on startups

Fully automated tracking and reporting of startups for Incubators and Accelerators

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Maximize your impact on startups

Choose the right startups

Hands-Free Diligence

Simple, automated due diligence generates clear reports and advice without the need for business analysts

Do more with less

Identify Challenges

Analysis clearly identifies the needs and challenges of your startups. Deploy your resources and expertise exactly where they're needed

Show a clear ROI

Impact Reporting

Improve Stakeholder Management with automated reporting of program impacts and startup growth

Testimonials has fundamentally changed how we work with startups. We now understand their needs, their challenges, and how we can best help them

Sen Sachi, Director, DMZ Accelerator Program

Recruitment is now a smooth and simple process for everyone involved - by the time we meet applicant companies we already know how they're doing, what we can help with, and where they're going to

Rob Macken, Startup Recruitment, Ryerson DMZ

Unified Diligence, Reporting and Tracking is a unified system for diligencing, analyzing, tracking and reporting on startups in Incubator or Accelerator programs

Automated Diligence

Applicant companies connect or upload their data via a branded portal. Due diligence report is automatically generated and shared


Ongoing Tracking

Company progress, needs and successes are automatically registered and reported. Ongoing scorecard ensures that you understand company needs


Impact Summarized

Startups receive a clear due diligence report to help fundraising.
Accelerators receive a clear progress report for stakeholders and management

Summary Table
Detailed Stats
Growth Overview

Clear Reporting

Automated centralized reporting generates clear progress reports

Data flows seamlessly and easily from participating companies via API connection. Core metrics around growth, revenue and churn are calculated and reported on a centralised dashboard. Supporting graphs, charts and calculations are automatically generated for analysts of program leads to dig into and understand.

Clear, accessible and meaningful analysis allows companies and advisors to quickly and accurately focus on what matters and what needs to be worked upon. Qualitative reporting ensures that decision-making is data-driven, and companies are held accountable to their targets.

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Automated Due Diligence

Due Diligence becomes simple, qualitative and professional

Selecting the right startups for your program becomes simple and professional with automated due diligence. Decision making can be data-driven, and based upon actual figures rather than impressions or suggestions.

Companies log into a secure, branded, diligence portal, and upload basic information. Data is connected via API key or by uploading simple data exports. Due diligence is automatically performed within minutes, and a clear diligence report is shared with the company and your program.

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Register Project
Connect Data
Select Graphs

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder reports highlight your impact on companies

Your impact and influence on portfolio companies becomes clear with impact reporting. Stakeholder, Partner and Board reports are automatically generated from the companies' data, and are clear, accurate and data-driven.

Funding, resources and partnerships are easier to acquire and expand when you have clear data to present, and 3rd-party analysis to support you.

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