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Your Startup.
Accelerated by AI. understands your company.
It accelerates growth, gives employees superhuman skills, and automates fundraising.

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Trained by Startup Experts

Access Top Talent

Experts in Startup Sales, Growth, Marketing, Operations and Financing have trained our AI algorithms

Actionable Insights

Accelerate Growth

Our AI gives your employees superpowers. It's like having top experts in every department of your company

Automated VC Due Diligence

Raise Money Faster

We understand your data and automate VC Due diligence, so you can raise money fast, painlessly and efficiently

How It Works

It's super easy to plug in your existing tools, superpower your employees, and accelerate your growth
  • Connect
    Connect your data by API key
  • Merge
    AI seamlessely merges your data
  • Analyse analyses your company
  • Insights
    You receive clear, actionable Insights


Connect your data by API key


AI seamlessely merges your data

Analyse analyses your company


You receive clear, actionable Insights

Clear, Actionable Insights

Growth Optimisation

Where to focus, how to focus and who to focus your growth efforts on.

Product Market Fit

Quantitative measure of Product-Market-Fit, over time, and versus comparable startups.

Ideal Customer

Who to sell to, When to sell to them and How.


Where, When and Why your Users are dropping off.


Automatic calculation of Customer Acquisition Cost and Customer Lifetime Value.

Revenue Churn

When and Why Revenue is dropping off.

Automated Cohorting

Automatic classification of Users into key cohorts.

Sales Optimisation

Analysis and Optimisation of your Sales Funnel and Sales operations.

Cohort Analysis

Identification of better or worse Cohorts to focus upon.

Testimonials identified $1,000s of unpaid invoices that had been missed by our Accountants. The cause? We'd missed them when we moved customers from monthly subscription via Stripe to yearly invoiced Enterprise sales.

Food Tech Startup

We needed to identify our ideal customer profile from of tens of thousands of customers and years of data. analysed our data and was able to highlight who we should and shouldn't be selling to.

Sales Tool for SME's performed our due diligence - and it was great! We just provided our sales data and the system came back with clear graphs proving network effects, showing how great our growth had been, and highlighting how our LTV has been increasing. VC's loved it!

Marketplace Company

We'd been watching our growth slowing for months, but couldn't tell why. highlighted dropping Customer LTV, showed when this had started, with which set of buyers, and the particular package that was causing the issue.

SaaS HR Tool

We used to review our metrics every 3 months because it took SO LONG to pull all the data together from all our tools. Now we can do it weekly. Amazing!

SaaS Product

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