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Automated analysis and funding of your Startup
How inate works
Fund your Startup

AI Investment Bank

inate is a full-service Investment Bank for Startups

Automated Analysis.

Connect your data in 1-click via API and our AI does the rest. We'll calculate your fundraising metrics, benchmark you, and generate a "Magic 8-Ball" due diligence report.

Start Analysis

Capital Stack.

We generate a bespoke financing plan based upon your metrics, stage and progress. Typically this comprises venture capital, venture debt, digital lending and/or loans.

Get Recommendations

Investor Introductions.

Our network includes over 1000 participating VCs, the leading startup banks and digital lenders, plus Accelerators and Incubators. We make direct intros to your ideal investors.

Receive Intros
Precise, Accurate & Targeted

Automated Startup Analysis

inate is an AI investment banking analyst.
We connect to your data and automatically analyse your Startup.
This provides precise, accurate and targeted funding recommendations.


We provide dealflow to the top Investors and Lenders

Start Fundraising

Meet With VCs in Three Steps

Connect Data

1-click to connect your user, revenue and growth data from common tools like Stripe and Quickbooks



Automated analysis, due diligence and benchmarking versus your peers on core fundraising metrics


Meet VCs

Match with your ideal VCs and Investors, and connect via your inate due diligence report

Companies Analysed
VC Analysts & Investors
Raised via inate
Startups Funded

AI Startup Analysis

VC Due Diligence Report direct from your data

Clear, Actionable Insights

Growth Reporting

Where to focus, how to focus and who to focus your growth efforts on

Product Market Fit

Quantitative measure of Product-Market-Fit, over time, and versus comparable companies


Where, when and why Users are churning

Ideal Customer

Who to sell to, when to sell to them and how


Automatic calculation of Customer Acquisition Cost and Customer Lifetime Value

Revenue Churn

When and why Revenue is churning

Automated Cohorting

Automatic classification of Users into key cohorts

Sales Optimisation

Analysis and Optimisation of your Sales Funnel and Sales operations

Cohort Analysis

Identification of better or worse Cohorts to focus upon

Success Stories

Customer Testimonials

We raised $1.5mln in 5 weeks using inate, after wasting 3 months trying to do it on our own. Thank god for inate

Erich Ko CEO & Founder, Hop In
Customer Testimonials

Super easy! Within 30 minutes I was able to connect with 30 VCs that matched my business and stage.

Atin Gupta CEO & Founder, Countable
Customer Testimonials

I was able to quickly and easily fill out my round - this is the future of fundraising

Fran Maier CEO & Founder, BabyQuip


Scalable packages that match your fundraising preparedness

Early Stage

  • Core Metrics
  • VC Recommendations
  • Lender Network
  • VC Fundability
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Benchmarking vs Peers


  • Core Metrics
  • VC Recommendations
  • Lender Network
  • VC Fundability
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Benchmarking vs Peers


Most Popular
  • Magic 8-Ball Diligence Report
  • Core Metrics
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Benchmarking vs Peers
  • VC Introductions
  • Lender Network

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