Quantitative Analysis of Growth Startups

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AI-driven quantitative analysis of startups

how you are doing
where to focus
when to raise money

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Actionable Insights

Accelerate Growth

Our analysis is clear and insightful. It highlights what is working, what you need to work on, and how your company ranks

Automated VC Due Diligence

Raise Money Faster

We understand your data and automate VC Due diligence, so you can raise money quickly, painlessly and efficiently

How It Works

Algorithms automatically generate Analysis, Quarterly Reporting and Due Diligence Reports direct from raw data
  • Connect
    Connect data
    via API
  • Merge
    Data seamlessely
  • Analyse
    Algorithms analyse
    the data
  • Report
    Clear diligence
    and insights


Connect data by API


Data seamlessely merged


Algorithms analyse the data


Clear diligence and insights

Clear, Actionable Insights

Growth Reporting

Where to focus, how to focus and who to focus your growth efforts on

Product Market Fit

Quantitative measure of Product-Market-Fit, over time, and versus comparable companies


Where, when and why Users are churning

Ideal Customer

Who to sell to, when to sell to them and how


Automatic calculation of Customer Acquisition Cost and Customer Lifetime Value

Revenue Churn

When and why Revenue is churning

Automated Cohorting

Automatic classification of Users into key cohorts

Sales Optimisation

Analysis and Optimisation of your Sales Funnel and Sales operations

Cohort Analysis

Identification of better or worse Cohorts to focus upon

Companies Analysed
Orders & Invoices Processed
Revenues & Payments Processed
Participating Analysts & Investors

Associated Investors and Accelerators

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